About Us

While the concept of doing a good deed and encouraging others to do the same is neither new nor complex, what we do at Spread the Care IS!  Spread the Care is taking a simple concept and turning it into something dynamic that can be used and enjoyed by people all over the world.

Our mission is to provide both corporations and the general public the opportunity to make a change in the world by doing good deeds, tracking the deeds that they have done and encouraging others to do the same. We hope to promote a kinder world for our youth and teach them the value of community involvement, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Through donations from our partners and multiple fundraising activities, Spread the Care is able to participate with schools to educate children on the importance of volunteering, community involvement and becoming a community leader. Various campaigns also raise money to partner with elementary schools to provide hats, boots, gloves and other personal items for children in need.

Founder and President - Alan Shakespeare

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